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My Portfolio

These slideshows so the projects I've completed while studying at MTSU and after. The images are small, so you can click them to open a bigger pop-up.


Hyundai Ads

The challenge for this project was to design a car ad without showing the car. We chose one attribute of the car and centered the whole campaign around that benefit.


Mini Magazine

For this project, we created a mini magazine (8x8) about any topic we wanted. I chose my favorite band, BTS, and made a magazine called Seven. They're a Korean pop group who have spread K-pop and Korean culture in the US and around the world.


Lemon Loves Lime Branding

I created a whole rebrand and branding campaign for Florida-based children's boutique Lemon Loves Lime. I created a new logo, letterhead, business card, and other branding elements.


Lemon Loves Lime Process Book

For the rebrand of Lemon Loves Lime, I created a booklet with the whole process of creating the logo. It starts from research about the company to roughs, comps, and the final logo.


.Raw Magazine

In Spring 2022, our class collaborated with a photojournalism class to create a class magazine called .Raw. The students from the class wrote articles and took pictures, and our class designed covers and spreads with their content.


Misc. Projects

This slideshow includes some miscellaneous projects like the Hobipalooza t-shirt design, calico cat book cover, house 7 logo, and namswoonie shop logo.

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